So recently I acquired both an Obsidian Edged Blade (ilevel 232 from Onyxia) and a Tyrannical Beheader (from Heroic Pit of Saron). I went fury.


I mean, my gear is terrible. I only pull like, 2.5k dps in a 25-man sartharion raid. Now, that's alright, because I wasn't the lowest dps. Also, it's my first time with the spec, the rotation, and I'm in mostly ilevel 213-226 gear (and a lot of the stuff is pvp). Honestly, this is inspiring me to play the game.

You see, I had an issue where I would log on, do the heroic daily (and the weekly if it was a tuesday), get my frost badges, and dick around for an hour or two talking on trade chat and making small sums of money. I had no need to run heroics for triumph badges--now, I do, because I can just get a ton of triumph badges for fury spec, and I think i'm going to have fun doing it--DPS is always in demand, and I'm a competent player.

Tips for those going fury:
-Watch your hit. Higher is better.
-the rotation is WW-BT-GCD (free slam if possible)-WAIT FOR 1 SECOND-BT-WAIT FOR 1 SECOND-WW.
-those wait times are critical. if you mess up those 2 points, shit goes out of wack. which is bad. use that second to check your buffs, check where you're at, and reposition.
-as a tank, I often find myself chaining cooldowns--Shield block, THEN dodge trinket, THEN shield wall, THEN shield block, THEN last stand, THEN all the healing stuff I have, THEN shield block... don't do this as dps. The returns on damage are far better if you stack all your shit together. IE if bloodlust pops, use your trinket! if your "chance on hit" trinket pops, use your "Use: xxx" trinket!

Warriors, as a class, scale Too Well with gear. A medium-to-well-geared warrior will do only average dps. A warrior with full Best in Slot gear will annihilate meters. Blizzard has complained about this, and the problem is compounded with the extra stats that a 2-hander gives fury.

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