The Shattering, Leveling, Playing

I haven't been posting much because I feel like everything's been
covered. I got a full set of tanking gear (after many runs with
kingslayers and the like to faceroll instances) and I sincerely lack the
mental effort to get a full fury set. Seriously, I did the math, and I
figure I did >60 heroics in a week. That's what, 8 heroics a day?
Actually, no, it's more like 2 heroics some days, and 15 other days. I
think I played for 20 hours in one week. I think I'm going to die.

I thought to myself "damn, I'm already burned out. You did too much,
Hype. You did too much."

Then the motherfucking Shattering happens.
Servers are down, I can't do my dailies, and I think "man my blog is a
piece of shit cause I don't ever update."

Then I realize "wait. Cataclysm is about to happen. I'm as cutting-edge
as any non-beta participant. It's the wild wild west and I'll be Wyatt
So I got FRAPS and I'm gonna start making warrior tanking videos. Also,
I'm leveling up a troll rogue in Kalimdor & a BE priest in the Eastern
Kingdoms (they're similar level, but one has a ton of heirloom gear so
he'll level up faster) and I'm thinking of starting a Dwarf Shaman on
sen'jin so I can go ahead and autojoin Premonition cause of my 1337
skillz. Just kidding. My shaman skills are shitty. I've tried to roll a
ton but I just never did it. I'm pretty terrible at leveling, so once I
finally got a level 80, I've stuck with him. I think it's time to
expand my boundaries though--get another level 80 tank and then some
healers, just so I can be more well-rounded. Also, I can start making
videos about leveling as various classes, and changing up my UI. My ui
is an ever-changing beast that used to be super customized, but isn't
anymore cause I got some pre-pack (LUI, i think it's called) that's
really good but has some seriously annoying things in it. Don't worry
about it. LUI is good, you should get it if you're new to custom UIs,
but if you're an old hat at it (back when bar mods meant manually
scripting where every button was and what it did) then it might be
Enough about mods, though, let me tell you about my experience logging
in, for the first time:

First, I made a dwarf shaman on Sen'Jin and have not even touched it.
Logged on hyperiom.

I was in Dalaran, and as I'm sure we all know by now, there's no more
portals in Dalaran. Boo-hoo. I know a trick, right? Go to Tanaris and
fly to Org from there!
So I go to Tanaris, pull out my Venomhide Hatchling, do the daily, and
look around.
I quickly realize that something's off. Anachronos is gone, and the
three bronze drakes (Oculus, Tick, and... Chronalis?) are flying
overhead, no longer hostile. Way off in the distance, I see the shadow
of some ornate towers.


Eventually, I realize that the Shattering has indeed Shattered, and
we're in a whole new ballgame. There's new models, new skins, different
mobs of different level. I go do my daily and take a gander at Uldum (I
get teleported out, obviously). Shit's looking good.

There's a whole long story that I'll eventually tell in picture form
(took a TON of screenshots), but pretty much I couldn't fly back home
cause I'm hated with Gadgetzan and their guards are level 85 now, and so
I walked, rode, and swam to the Crossroads. It was tricky in 1k needles
cause it's flooded (actually it was surprisingly sad, revisiting there,
seeing freewind post destroyed by Grimtotems and the shimmering flats
turned into an incredibly deep lake.) The barrens wasn't bad until I had
to cross the giant molten rent in the earth, which apparently has only
one way of crossing it--the coastline itself. Once in the north barrens,
I wended my way towards Crossroads (not much different, there) and flew
to Orgrimmar.
Past the new marshes of durotar.
Through the new gate.
Onto the new wind rider platform.
Which is atop the new plateau.
Above the utterly changed city of Orgrimmar.

SHIT'S OFF THE CHAIN. Looks fantastic. Just fantastic. Currently I'm
trying to break through literally years of muscle memory. I knew
orgrimmar like the back of my hand. I could draw a map of it far easier
than I could one of my hometown (which is much vaster but also vastly

Anyways, I did the new cooking and fishing dailies, and I'm really
excited for Cataclysm.

I was gonna write more, but instead I'll tell you two things:

1) Gallery of Tanaris to Orgrimmar, I'll make one with captions and
shit. Might just be a photobucket that I'll link to, cause it's many
dozens of pictures.
2) Got some screen capture software.
==>2a)Was working with FRAPS (good quality) but though I could bear the
watermark, the 30-second videos were a pain, and I'm not in the mood to
pay $50 for the non-free version of a program, just to enhance a
small-time blog with no readers, which is about a video game that has an
expansion that I need to spend $50 on anyways. It's psychological, I
must say. I've poured hundreds in monthly fees into wow, but $50 seems
huge, and I'd never pay $100 for two programs! Even though I've paid
$150 in programs already!
==2b) Rant aside, I got some software with some kinda-shitty quality.
We'll see. I was planning on recording videos for aoe tanking and stuff,
so I queued up for randoms with the camera running, and did Pit of
Saron. Problem is, it's SUPER FUCKING BORING, and most of it is me going
"oooh a troll druid" and "man this ret pally is awwwful" and "man, so,
this is really fucking boring. This is my rotation... learn it. Or
something. man this is boring." I would've been alt-tabbing except I
needed to show my screen. Also, the audio de-synced so I'll add in audio
Point is, heroics are facerollable. Not for everyone--fresh 80s with no
epix yet, for example, but:
I) those are few & far between
II) it won't matter in 2 weeks
III) I'm not gonna make videos about irrelevant content that will only
become less relevant in 2 weeks
IV) honestly, even if you're badly geared and you enter a random, you're
gonna be with overgeared people. I figure >95% of playing level 80s (or
mains or whatever) overgear instances, and probably >85% of level 80s
significantly outgear them. For example, I've been in a group where all
5 people were in a dps spec and we just killed stuff cause it died fast
and nobody needed heals. Point is, if 1/20 people are at "heroic-level"
gear, ilevel200 blues, then the odds of two of those people in a
dungeon finder is... 1/400. 3 of them is 1/8000. four of them is what,
1/160,000? Which is entirely POSSIBLE seeing as wow has 13,000,000
active accounts, practically all of them with more than one character, a
solid fraction with more than one level 80. I'm just saying that when
WotLK landed, everyone was heroic geared, and now I can 2 man every
heroic except the ICC ones, which can probably be 2-manned by "light of
dawn"-types, or at most 3-manned.

So, what you should get out of that is "No tanking vids from Hyperiom".
There might be other videos (my UI, for example. Dailies. Changes to
shit. Soloing instances) but no 'this is how to (do X in PvE)" because
it's all gonna be completely useless.

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